IGIS’s automatic Double / Triple Insulating Glass LINE is a series of carefully designed equipment by implementing customer’s needs in a flexible and faithful manner,
to achieve its primary objective, ‘Optimize system efficiency and functionality’.

Automatic Insulating Glass Production LINE

Triple, 4 step insulating(optional) glass production
Gas filling
Double, Triple, and Step insulating glass gas filling
Argon / Krypton / Argon + Krypton mixed gas filling (optional)
Selective press type (Single or Dual) based on glass sizes
Each dual type press equipped with gas filling
Various system configuration available by independent control of Washing & Drying part and Assembly part
Automatic Insulating Glass Production LINE
Max. Glass height (mm) ~ 3,210 Max. Glass length (mm) ~ 6,050
Min. Glass size (mm) 200 X 400 mm Glass Thickness (mm) Standard 3~10 / Optional 3 ~ 30
IGU Thickness (mm) 12~60 (standard)
Over 60
Spacer width (mm) 6~24 (standard)
Over 25 (optional)

01. Automatic Vertical Loading Machine

Rack Type: L-Rack & A-Rack (Optional Automatic Rotation)
Max. Loading distance: 800mm
Features: Glass angle adjustment (6~7 degrees), Automatic suction system based on glass sizes, Sync with edge deletion / One complete cycle: 20 sec

02. Edge Deleting Machine (Option)

1 Head type
2 Head type
Precise edge deleting by digital servo motor

03. Washing & Drying part

Max. glass size up to 30mm (optional)
Automatic glass thickness detection & brush alignment
Continuous washing and drying for diverse glass plates

04-1. Super Spacer® (Foam) Applicator

Compatible with various types of Spacers available in the market
Combined production of frame structure Spacer and Super Spacer
Servo Motor controlled precise Spacer assembly

04-2. Spacer Frame Positioning Part (or 04-1)

Vertical and Horizontal spacer guides
Quick and easy spacer assembly
Minimizes glass contamination during the process

Relevant equipment

Automatic Spacer Bending RobotDtail
Desiccant Filling StationDtail
Butyl ExtruderDtail

05. Rotating Conveyor

Low-E coated surface direction change machine
Simultaneous rotation and angle adjustment by rotation mode for rapid processing
Low-E surface non-contact guide roller

06. Gas Filling & Pressing Part

High speed gas filling & High gas filling degree
Automatic gas degree control based on unit sizes
Minimizes gas consumption (cost saving and productivity maximization)

07. Automatic Cork Applicator

Auto Cork quantity and placement control through auto glass size detection
Selective cork placement level based on glass size
Reel type Cork pad system

08. Automatic Sealing Robot

Constant and precise sealing
- Precise sealant dosing control
- Automatic spacer depth detection system